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Sorbene is an R&D company in the nanotechnology sector developing advanced materials and aims to accelerate the availability and adoption at all levels. Sorbene has successfully done so in the air filtration industry & spill containment industry.


Equipped with state of the art technology, Sorbene provides advanced material solutions for various industrial applications. Sorbene has successfully done so in the air filtration industry & spill containment industry. Check out Sorbene’s commercialized products here!



Graphene Sorb is a highly porous material with high carbon content. The structure provides the ability to adsorb different gases, dyes and various other chemicals. This has led to its use in various sectors like filtration.

Water Filtration Systems

Graphene is well known for its hydrophobicity. Despite its water repelling nature, the narrow and micro-porous structure of graphene sorb filters allows water to permeate through it and captures the contamination. This ability of graphene sorb combined with its lightweight, environment-Friendly & energy-efficient nature makes it a very competitive alternative to traditional water filtration methods.

Air Purification Systems

Graphene has excellent electromechanical properties making it suitable to use in various applications including air filtration. The high surface area to volume ratio allows higher adsorption per unit volume as compared to other materials. The graphene air filters combined with the techniques such as UV chambers and electric pulse generators can also trap and kill pathogens. It has opened the door for graphene in both inanimate and animate filtration applications


GCC’s particle size varies from 100 microns to 1000 microns based on the specific requirements and applications. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional materials such as activated carbon with scalable production methods.

Air Filtration

GCC is available with a broad particle size range, which makes it a preferred choice of material for the air filtration industry. It can be functionalized at a relatively lower expense and then can be put to use for removal of gaseous components.

Catalytic Converter in Automobile

Graphene Ceramic Composite or GCC retains the high surface area to volume ratio of the Graphene and reduces the recombination process of charged carriers. These traits of GCC make it an excellent choice for applications such as catalytic converters in automobiles.


GNPs consist of small platelet shaped Graphene sheets. The average sheet size is around 10 microns with the number of layers ranging from 7 to 20. It is a cost effective alternative for traditional carbon based materials, with scalable production methods.

High Performance Metals

The GNP as an additive to metals such as Aluminium improves both the general and specific desirable traits of these metals depending upon the methods and additive ratio. These enhanced properties such as tensile strength, durability, & electrical conductance have a universally rising demand in the manufacturing sector.

Enhanced Rubber Materials

The development of high-performance rubber is driven by the rising demands in the technology-driven sectors. GNP reinforced rubber shows enhanced mechanical & electrical properties in line with the existing and future market demands.

Reinforced Plastics

GNP enhanced plastic offers some of the best desirable properties but is not limited to high tensile strength, enhanced elastic properties, chemical resistance, & temperature tolerance. These properties are tunable to get the desired result for specific applications.


Flexible graphenic sheets are available from the thickness of 0.1 microns and above. Its core competencies are flame-resistant properties, high thermal conductivity & EMI shielding applications. With a gradual rise in the demand for flexible electronic components in the tech industry, global industry players are looking at FGS as a better and reliable alternative for future technological projects & applications.

EMI Shielding

EMI shielding technology is a field of very high significance due to its ability to protect highly sensitive electronics from electromagnetic interference. The Flexible Graphenic Sheet with its excellent EMI shielding properties and high thermal conductivity is the best candidate for the next-gen EMI shielding technologies.

Fire Resistant Materials

FGS has fire resistant capability. It does not catch fire when exposed to direct flame. The performance can be tuned by varying the sheet thickness and density. It has application scope in industry segments like packaging or construction.



Sorbene oil absorbent pads contain proprietary graphene, with a high surface graphene structure. Our oil-only spill pads are ideal for placing beneath machinery base, piping joints, along walls, and surrounding equipment. Use them in the basement and garage for any oil spill or persistent leakage. Sorbene Oil Absorbent Pads are ideal for soaking up oil and any oil-based fluids. The product lifecycle may vary depending on liquids absorbed and extracting conditions.


Sorbene’s Oil Absorbent Pillows offer extraordinary wicking effects. These oil-only pillows are perfect for setting underneath hardware base, funneling joints, the covering of capacity, making limits along with dividers, and incorporating gear. These pillows are utilized as a liner to keep retires and devices perfect and liberated from grime. Oil absorbent Pillow is a perfect solution for high-capacity localized spills and leaks. It is produced from polypropylene and graphene.


Sorbene oil absorbent socks are used to contain any unplanned leaks or spills that might occur on the premises. Ideal for placing below machinery base, piping joints, along the walls, and surrounding equipment. These oil only absorbent socks are made using polypropylene and graphene as it is light-weight and easy to handle. It contains restrictive graphene, with a high surface graphene structure. This provides a high surface area to volume ratio for strong capillary action. This allows sorbene socks to prevent the spread & absorb the oil effectively.


Sorbene absorbent boom is highly hydrophobic and floats on the water surface after saturation making it the go-to-absorbent product for offshore spill containment. The high retention ability allows easy movement during an oil spill response. The durability of the boom is strengthened by the nylon mesh cover. The nylon rope and high visibility of the mesh allow easy retrieval of the sorbent boom from the water surface. The sorbent booms can be connected via connector links to cover larger areas.


Oil spill kit by Sorbene is a combination of pads, socks, pillows, and PPEs. Oil spill kits are utilized in various oil rigs, service centers, oil refineries, lubricant corporations, food industries, and other oil-based companies. Sorbene spill kits are designed fastidiously to confirm the utmost potency in any probably dangerous scenario. The spill kit comes with a movable container for quick emergency response.

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